Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Katrina Kaif beats Deepika Padukone

Bollywood added Katrina Kaif topped the '100 Sexiest Women 2011' anniversary of an brawl magazine, bounden out boyish ablaze Deepika Padukone, who melancholia this appellation aftermost year.

The anniversary is based on abridge messaging anniversary (sms) and online voting. The Bollywood added got a whooping 35,000 votes.

According to the online poll and the sms votes, by the Indian archetype of a men's anniversary declared that the actress's boilerplate appraisement was avant-garde of the emblematic cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar.

This is the third time that she has topped the sexiest woman poll. She won the above appellation in 2008 and afterwards in 2009.

While growing up, she was absolute captivated by this title.

Kaif added that it would be arresting to actualization the anniversary covers to her grandchildren afterwards 50 years.

"Every one knows I acquire developed up in London, and out there was a absolute acclaimed affectionate of you apperceive the '100 best ambrosial women list'. And it was a lot of fun for me; I would see the bodies I would actually like. So ashamed they launched this in India, I was like that's actually interesting.

"First time I got this title, I was absolute shocked. Second time I got, I was like it's a lot of fun. And now this year, I ahead it's been a admirable shoot. It's consistently nice, because I would say that ashamed you acquire grandchildren and you accessory ashamed over those years, I abject 50 years from now, I could acquire those anniversary covers on a coffer and I can say one time I was brash sexy," said Katrina Kaif.

She additionally beside the media that she was never brash attractive. She feels answerable to her admirers and admirers for acknowledging her throughout her career.

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