Thursday, June 2, 2011

A rocky phase for Lara-Mahesh?

It's almost four months (February 19) since Mahesh and Lara tied the knot in Goa. However, sources reveal that everything isn't exactly hunky dory between the tennis star and the B-town actress.

Tension over Lara's ex-boyfriend Kelly and the fact that they are still in touch has put their marriage onto a rocky terrain. Even though matters haven't got out of hand, we are told that constant fights over professional and personal matters have put a big question mark over their relationship.

A source close to the couple spills the beans, "Lara and Mahesh have been having arguments over an array of things. Firstly, it wasn't a great idea to be working partners. Mahesh co-produced her first home production Chalo Dilli and they had major stress during the promotion and publicity of it. She felt he wasn't devoting enough time to their first joint project, while he wanted to stay out of the whole thing. Even at the press event during promotions, there was visible tension between the two."

Another reason for fights between them is the fact that Lara is still in touch with her ex, Kelly Dorjee. A common friend of Lara and Kelly says, "Lara isn't the sorts to dump someone with whom she had a seven-year long relationship. She is still friends with Kelly. Mahesh, however, isn't too happy with this and has expressed his displeasure. Also, Lara's social life and her set of friends don't go hand-in-hand with Mahesh and his set of people. There's natural clash between the two and it's something that needs to be addressed."

Mahesh told BT, "The only trouble we are having is figuring out which city to meet in. Both of us just got back from Paris. I head to London and she, to Toronto and we'll meet again during Wimbledon." Adds a friend of Lara, "This rumour started because Lara gave an interview saying she might not co-produce her next film with Mahesh."

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