Friday, May 27, 2011

Ameesha to take Vikram on board?

Emotions have no role in Ameesha Patel's professional life. And making this point clear, she says, "The first director on board my production house was David Dhawan but I would really like to appoint Vikram Bhatt too.

His films are absolutely paisa vasool. And I've heard of how well Haunted did. So, Vikram, why not?"
Incidentally, Vikram Bhatt too is fine with the idea. While the two were lovers at one time, they split bitterly but looks like the animosity is on the decline between them. And the salt-pepper haired filmmaker claims to be happy about Ameesha's aspirations. "I make movies for strangers, so why wouldn't I make it for a dear friend like Ameesha? But then, I also have my own company and have commitments. Filmmaking is such an expensive proposition these days, that working with someone you've known in the past can't be an emotional whim."

In the same vein, he adds, "But if Ameesha does extend an Invitation to join her company. I would certainly like to. I've got no reason to reject it."

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