Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ryan Reynolds breaks his silence on his divorce...

Up until now, Ryan ‘hot-bod’ Reynolds has remained extremely tight-lipped about his break up from Scarlet Johansson, but he’s opened up in the new issue of US title Details - and he seems very, very sad about it all.

The Green Lantern actor said (rather glumly), “What was happening privately was the exact opposite of what was being reported. There was no story and no scandal so the narrative was just created for me. That was the most disturbing part. I wasn’t angry. I absolutely predicted every beat of it.” Oh no! How much do you want to take him to your bosom right now and stroke his head while he talks to you (just us? OK then…)

The star also admitted he’s not ready to move on yet – saying a divorce can cause a lot of pain and that he knows it eventually gets better. “I’m not out of it yet,” he revealed. “At all. I have no interest in dating right now. It just seems so kind of alien to me at this point… I don’t think I want to get married again.” Aww, poor Ryan, anyone else’s heart breaking for him right about now?

The fact is, it really can’t be easy for Ryan - especially when he's seeing his ex all together and smiling with Sean Penn. The new couple haven't eactly been keeping things on the downlow - and in fact, is it just us or does Scarlett seems rather settled with Sean already? What with them attending the Whitehouse Correspondent's dinner together too... But we don’t doubt there’ll be a whole host of ladies trying to make Ryan feel better. And we’ll be at the front of the queue – we’re sure we’ll see you there. Ryan, babe, we’re here for you…

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