Friday, May 27, 2011

Get better jokes, Ranbir: Vir Das

One of India's better-known stand-up comedians, Vir Das, says that Ranbir Kapoor's done a pretty good job as a stand-up comic in a recent series of ads for a mobile services provider.

"I think he's done a great job, actually, he's got the mood and tempo of a good comedian," says Vir. "All he needs are jokes."

Ranbir acts as a stand-up comedian in these ads, playing on channels these days, in which he makes jokes about how mobile phone companies operate, bringing out endless 'plans' and making irritating phone calls. "He just needs to be given some good jokes," Vir clarifies.

A rocker's old bones
The rock bands get all the chicks. Or at least that's what wannabe rockers think, says stand-up comedian Vir Das, who has his own comedy rock band now. "I wish it were true (about the chicks)," he says. "That's the appeal of being in a rock band when you're 21. I'm 32, so I go home and have calcium and rest my knees after a performance."

Vir is touring with his band, Alien Chutney, in which he's the only amateur, he says. "The other guys, Warren Mendonza, Sid Coutto, Gaurav Gupta and Kaizad Gherda, are all seasoned musicians," he says. And why call it Alien Chutney? "It's music that's very stupid, with lyrics that are quite crazy, but the context of the band is very Indian and familiar. It may seem alien at first, but it's still chutney at the end of the day, and it goes with everything and it's for everybody," he explains. The band performed in Delhi on Friday.

Birthday booze
Vir's a Gemini, and his birthday just around the corner. "It's on May 31, and I turn 32," says Vir. "So I'm going to eat more calcium, and maybe get blissfully drunk somewhere in Mumbai." And he'll probably have his someone special for company – his Delhi-based girlfriend. "Her name's Shivani," he says. When asked what she does, he first says, "She laughs at my jokes, primarily," but then adds, "She's an events manager."

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