Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Madhur Bhandarkar's reclusive heroine

Madhur Bhandarkar's star cast for his much talked about project, Heroine, is about to get bigger. The director has envisioned a new supporting character, based on the life of the late actress, Nadira.

And so, his search is on for a 70 to 75 year-old actress to essay this Bollywood diva, who retired from the industry and lived a reclusive life, as she reveled in her former silver-screen glory, in her small apartment.

Our source revealed, " Madhur Bhandarkar has changed the character's name, but she is clearly modeled on Nadira. It's a role of a yesteryear actress, who led a lonely, isolated life, without family and friends.

She simply relived her glorious days as a screen queen with people who visited her. It's the frightening face of Bollywood - the other side of the glamour business, much after all the star attention fizzles out."

Nadira's performances in Sri 420 and Aan made her an icon of the 1950s. And so, Bhandarkar's search has not been easy, as many of the actresses of that time have passed away. However, the director is reportedly keen on one of the two surviving divas Nimmi or Shyama. When contacted, Bhandarkar remained unavailable for comment.

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