Saturday, May 28, 2011

Elton John and David Furnish first gay couple to be nominated for celeb dad of the year

Bless. Elton John and his hubby David Furnish who adopted their son Zachary at Christmas this year (a babies a bit nicer than a pair of socks eh?) have been nominated for Premier Inn’s Celebrity Dad of the Year award, this is nice because 1. Well, it’s just nice and 2. They’re like totes the first ever gay couple to be nominated. Woo. We’re not 100% sure what Premier Inn has to do with Celebrity Dad’s but it’s very good all the same.

Other people to be nominated include Peter Andre (who won in 2010), Gavin Henson (yes, he’s still alive) and David Beckham, in fairness he is a really good celebrity Dad – think of all of those pics of him doting over his super cool kids - but we don’t like to think of him that way because it ruins our fantasies of getting off with him when we remember how happy him and VB are.

Because we had five minute we thought of some reasons why we wish that Elton John had adopted us instead of Zachary:

  • He has a lot of money
  • He is friends with Lady Gaga
  • He has a lot of money

If you, like us, are killing the time until the end of the day when you can go drink in a pub then you can vote for who you think will be the best celeb dad at with the winner presented with their award at an exclusive presentation ceremony in London on 16th June 2011.

We’re hoping by writing this we’ll get invited and the fit Dad’s might have friends? YEAH?

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