Saturday, May 28, 2011

Example wants to collaborate with The Wanted

Blimey, here’s a pair up we never thought would happen. It’s sounding more and more like Example will be teaming up with those nice young boybanders, The Wanted, on their new album.

And neither party are being secretive about it either (thanks for that guys, we do like knowing what’s going down). In fact, Example took to Twitter yesterday to tell pal Siva Kaneswaran that he’s very much up for working on the boys’ new record which will be out later in the year.

“I defo want to be involved with the new album,” Example, aka Elliot Gleave, tweeted (to Siva). Prompting the welcome reply of, “I’m on it mate. Follow so I can DM you.” And just like that the conversation went private and we will have to wait for tales of studio laughs and lyric-writing until the album itself comes out.

So, would does this make you more curious about The Wanted’s talents? Or are you shocked that a manly man like Example has offered his services to a young band? Who else would you like to see feature? Should Max’s lady friend Michelle Keegan get her own lead in a track? Tell us good heatworld folk… and we might even let The Wanted know what you, er, want…

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