Monday, May 30, 2011

Rahul Bhatt's tell-all on Headley

Rahul Bhatt is writing a book. Now before you ask who Rahul Bhatt, perhaps the context of the book will help.

The younger Bhatt, who suddenly grabbed headlines for his association with dreaded terror-mastermind David Coleman Headley, is now in the process of putting this whole experience in a tell-all.

Entitled 'Inside Lashkar-e-Taiba: How I Befriended The World's Deadliest Terrorist', the book is touted to give a blow-by-blow account of Headley's growing fondness for the Bhatt boy. Little wonder then that Headley had confessed in his interrogation that he wanted to train Rahul to be an ISI agent.

"As I look back I wonder how I came close to this man without ever suspecting what he was really up to! So much has been said about what happened. I'm writing the whole sequence of events down so it would help me to understand the situation better," says the reticent Rahul.

The news itself has got Rahul "tempting offers" from three publishers. But he hasn't yet decided on anything. "It may be of great curiosity-value for others. But my experiences with Headley are not just a story for me. It is that part of my life which has forever determined my relationship with the outside world. I trusted and believed in Headley completely without knowing who he was and what his intentions were. Now I can never trust anyone I meet. I've become wary of human contact."

No wonder he's now spending all his time writing the book. Apparently the book will chronicle details about Rahul's interactions with Headley, that have yet not been revealed to the outside world. "I'm trying to piece together the entire period of my life when I knew him. While we interacted I never guessed what his intentions were. Headley kept saying he sees a reflection of himself in me. It was only later that I realised he was trying to create a replica of himself in me. In hindsight it is a very scary thought. I could've been completely destroyed by the experience."

And with a book coming, can a movie be far behind? Rahul Bhatt's book 'Inside Lashkar-e-Taiba: How I Befriended The World's Deadliest Terrorist' will also be the basis of the script that Rahul will write for a film where he'll play himself. Rahul wants his mentor Salman Khan to play Headley. Now, that would really be deadly

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