Saturday, May 28, 2011

Has Cheryl already bagged a BBC job?

She’s been ditched from the US X Factor and she's already back in the UK and in talks with ITV1 about the UK show – but now it seems the BBC have stuck their oar in and have said they want Cheryl Cole to become a judge on their new talent show, The Voice.

The Daily Mirror have exclusively reported that Chezza is in the front running for the new show – and that it might just be the ultimate decision that will get Simon Cowell back for humiliating her with the whole sorry US episode.

The Voice is planned for early next year and is already a hit over in America. And now the BBC are hoping for the same success over here - and they think Chezza just might be the girl for the job.

Despite reports that Cheryl’s been demanding a huge pay rise to return to the X Factor this year (with some publications even saying she’s asked for double her old salary – crikey) ,The Mirror claims she has actually found out that she’ll be taking a hefty pay cut if she decides to return - not good.

So understandably, Cheryl’s record label, Universal, prefer the BBC’s plan as they have a huge part in The Voice and are reportedly raging at Simon for allowing Chezza’s dream to come crashing down. A insider at the label said, “Universal are heavily involved in recruiting judges for The Voice when it moves to the BBC and they are urging Cheryl to be the big star of that show. It would be a fresh start for her and it would mean she could work with people she trusts and who have her best interests at heart.”

Blimey, well it seems Cheryl’s career could indeed be sorted if she agrees to the BBC deal and it might just be the new beginning she needs away from all this X Factor palaver. How do you folk feel? Would you like to see Cheryl on a new panel or should she go back to her old job? Or should she just stick to the singing? Do tell.

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