Saturday, May 28, 2011

Has Cheryl Cole really been sacked from X Factor US? Sinitta’s not sure...

The entire gossip loving world is convinced that Cheryl Cole has been booted off the American version of The X Factor, but one person who isn’t convinced that Cheryl is a goner is Sinitta.

Speaking on ITV1’s Daybreak the 80s pop star, who is of course a very good friend of Simon Cowell’s, spoke about the current situation – although sadly she wasn’t in a position to actually tell us exactly what the deal is. “There is something going on,” continues Sinitta, “All I can say is Simon and Cheryl are very close and I believe they are in talks to try and sort something out. As soon as they agree on something then we will hear about it.

"They are having private conversations. Simon really, really wanted Cheryl on the American show. He really fought to have her there."

"They are talking and they are working on something that they will agree on. Simon was 100% behind Cheryl and I am sure that very, very soon, maybe today, we will find out what that decision will be.

"When I spoke to Simon a few weeks ago all he spoke about was how well it was going and how much he was enjoying the show."

"Personally if she is not going to be on the American show then it would be great to have her back here - I know that's what her fans want."

So really we're things aren't actually any clearer - well thanks Sinitta. We just wish someone, somewhere would make an official statement and put an end to all the hoo-ha.

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